Q: How long have you been breeding for?
A: I have been a registered breeder with DogsQLD for 30 years.
    I suggest you contact DogsQLD, so that you can confirm with
    whom you are dealing with. My association with these wonderful  
    companions runs deep, starting with my Grandfather, who bred and
    owned Rottweilers more than 70 years ago and including my Uncle
    who also Bred and showed Rottweilers in Germany for many years. 
    We are self admitted animals nuts and our babies are everything to  
Q: Do you have any puppies currently available for adoption?
A: As we only do this as our hobby and for the love of our dogs, we
    only ever have very limited and irregular litters. So best to email us    
    and confirm if we have any puppies available. That way I can let you
    know when

Q: How do I adopt one of your companions?
A: Just contact me and I can organise everything.

Q: Do I need to pay a deposit?
A: Yes, once you decide on your new family member, I require a   
    deposit so as to hold the puppy for you. Of course the deposit is 
    deducted from the cost of the puppy. All deposits are firm.

Q: I have changed my mind & now dont wish to buy the puppy.
A: Unfortunately I do not refund deposits, the deposit is so as to
    secure your puppy, once that happens; we no longer offer the 
    pup for adoption and therefore turn other people way.
    I can hold the deposit and place it on another adoption.
Q: I Live interstate, what can I do.
A: No Problem, I have organised transport all over Australia.
    including Overseas, I can organise everything, of course at
    buyers expense.

Q: I am uncertain about certain issues, what should I do?
A: Any queries or questions please contact me, I will
    do my utmost to help you.     

Q: Can I buy my new puppy entire, (not de-sexed).                     
A: All our pups are De-sexed, as we wish to avoid them going to live in a
     Puppy Farm environment.   

Q: Can we make an agreement verbally?                   
A: No, everything we agree too must be in writing.

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